Gerard Butler Will Portray Mike Banning Once Again

This will be the fourth time Gerard Butler will save the people of America as he is set to return as Mike Banning in the fourth “Fallen” film titled “Night Has Fallen.”

According to a report published by Deadline, Gerard Butler will return as Mike Banning in the fourth “Fallen” film. Even if you don’t like the “Has Fallen” title, you have to accept that the franchise is one of the rare film series in Hollywood that has been able to create four action feature films. It will be the only Die Hard imitating franchise that will become a quadrilogy once Millennium Media launches its fourth film at the virtual AFM by the end of this week.

As far as Die Hard is concerned, the Bruce Willis starrer franchise has released five films up until now, and that includes the much-hated 2013 film “A Good Day to Die Hard.” The uncertainty about the highly disputed Die Hard film has pervaded for years now. Some frantic fans have suggested that the title has been decided (“McClane”), and the production team might hit the floors soon. We cannot know for sure when the sixth film will be released, and if at all, it will be released despite the fact that a commercial for the DieHard batteries might have already given us hints for the things to come.

Now coming back to our topic, Ric Roman Waugh, who is renowned for directing the best film of the franchise-“Angel Has Fallen,” “Snitch,” and “Greenland” (which also starred Gerard Butler), is set to return to the franchise to helm the fourth film.

Gerard Butler is at that point in his career where he needs stability, so he should keep Ric Roman Waugh close to himself because the likes of Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Liam Neeson, and others are always looking for directors like him. I am saying this because there are plenty of examples that suggest that if the actors do not remain careful, directors tend to look the other way. One of the prime examples is Liam Neeson and Jaume Collet-Serra’s fallen partnership.

The franchise had started with a decent 2013 film “Olympus Has Fallen,” which had earned $268 million globally on a $70 million budget. Its sequel “White House Down” received mixed responses from critics. It was the recipient of underwhelming affluence at the box office, which amounted to $205 million globally but on a much higher, $150 million budget.

Last Year’s film “Angel Has Fallen” has been regarded as the film of the franchise by both the fans and the critics and was well received at the summer box office. It attained a staggering $215 million in response to a meager $40 million budget.

Morgan Freeman is likely to return, but other than that, we barely know anything about the “Night Has Fallen.” The script of the film will be penned by Robert Kamen in the company of Ric Roman Waugh, and the filming will be done at Nu Boyana Studios in Bulgaria.

The film’s cast, plot, and release date have not been revealed yet.   

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