Here is a List of Essential Apps You Need in Your iPhone While Going on an Outdoor Adventure Activity

Whenever people think of outdoor adventures such as hiking and trekking, the thought of a life-changing experience pops up in their mind. People think of unknown trails, offbeat destinations, and a chance to learn about different cultures. Such a journey can be a rejuvenating experience only if you have the right applications installed on your smartphone. However, there are a few apps that are iOS specific and can only be installed on an iPhone.

Having certain types of apps helps travelers navigate with ease and learn a little bit more about what they are doing. While there are a lot of apps that are familiar to iPhone users, there are only a few that will suit their needs on a journey. So, here are a few apps that will cater to your requirements so that you have a memorable experience.

Survival Guide: The “Bible” to Survive in Unknown Terrains

If you wish to go on an uncharted trail in some unknown territory, then you must know a few survival tricks. However, if you do not have the time, then download the survival guide on your smartphone. It has been curated in a way to help you out in a dangerous situation.

The guide on the smartphone application has been divided into different chapters based on various topics essential for survival in the wilderness. There are a total of 19 chapters. The first chapter is, of course, the introduction. This is followed by a few important chapters such as the psychology of survival focusing on natural reactions, an overview of stress, and preparing yourself. Another essential chapter to read about is basic survival medicine which talks about bites and stings, environmental injuries, wounds, medical emergencies, herbal medication, bone and joint injury, lifesaving steps, etc.

A few other chapters include signaling techniques, sea survival, cold weather survival, tropical survival, field-expedient weapons, tools and equipment, dangerous animals, etc. Going through these chapters will help any individual to survive on different types of terrain and understand what is hostile and what is not.

Cairn: Hiking & Outdoor Trails- A Way to Keep Your Family and Friends Informed

Cairn is one application that will help keep you safe if you embark on a trek or any outdoor adventures. One of the most important features of this app is to help selected contacts find you if you exceed your activity time. Your safety contacts will receive a notification if you do not come back past your due activity time.

They also have the option of keeping track of your GPS location. These contacts also get rescue advice if they need to make any decisions.

Know about the places where you will find cell service if you are in an area with no cell towers around. Keep your friends and family informed with status updates. One interesting thing is that anyone using this app will also be able to download maps that have been made specifically for outdoor activities.

To ease out any confusion, Cairn gives you live distance, elevation gain, and estimated time for more than 4000 hiking routes, summits, and trails all over the world. You can also customize your ETA stats according to the type of journey. One fun thing to do and create memories is by recording your journey.

Seek: A Digital Way to Identify Exquisite Flora and Fauna This is a fun application for nature enthusiasts who would love to identify unknown and exquisite species of plants and animals. You need to point the Seek camera at living things and identify, learn about all the wildlife surrounding you. Seek also gives you badges when you observe different types of flora and fauna and participate in challenges. This application by iNaturalist also provides you with a list of insects, plants, birds commonly found in your area. Users need to be above 13 years of age to use Seek. It is a joint venture between the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.

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