How to Use Contacts on iOS Devices?

Managing and using Contacts app over your iPhone and iPad might seem something basic, but there are several things you can do on your device that you most likely don’t know about. Thanks to the Apple Ecosystem, you can sync and update all your contacts on all your Apple gadgets, including the Mac, with no additional workarounds.

Here is how to begin mastering your iPhone’s Contacts app:

Steps to Add a Contact Over iOS Devices

Follow these straightforward steps if you want to master your Contacts in iPhone and iPad:

  • First and foremost, open the Contacts app directly from the Home screen of your device.
  • After that, tap the “+” signed tab located at the upper-right edge of the device.
  • Go to the upper section of the screen and enter required details like:
  • First and last name of the contact
  • The company or type of contact
  • Once you finished entering the above details, hit the plus icon located just after adding the phone number.
  • Type the phone number of your contact.
  • If you want to change the contact home label, you need to tap the arrow icon located just after the home option.
  • Hit the appropriate label that will go with the contact number, such as mobile or work, etc.
  • Finally, press the Done button located at the upper-right edge to save your contact.

Note: You may add additional info for all your contacts such as email ID, alternate phone number, website address, date of birth, etc., by using the same contact type as mentioned above.

Steps to Import Contact on your iPad and iPhone

In case you already have several contacts linked with the iCloud account or an email, it will be easy to assign and add them as contacts.

In some cases, after importing the contact, you end up with several duplicate contacts. In this case, you don’t need to remove all the double inputs manually. You can easily get rid of duplicate contacts in a quicker way.

Steps to Update an Existing Contact on iPhone and iPad

You can easily change or edit your contact’s details like associated email ID, name, or the number itself. Follow these easy to use steps if you want to update or make changes in your contact’s list over your iPad or iPhone:

  • At the start, open the Contacts app over your iOS Home screen.
  • Select the particular contact in which you like to make changes.
  • After that, tap the Edit option located at the upper right-hand side edge.
  • Here, you can easily add an extra phone number, email addresses, and other info linked to this contact.

Steps to Search for the Existing Contact over your iOS Device

If you have a very lengthy contact list, then tracking a particular contact might seem a little challenging and tricky for most of the users, but you can follow these quick steps to reach your desired contact:

  • Open the Contacts app on your device’s screen.
  • Then, hit the search panel by navigating the upper section of the device’s screen.
  • Enter your contact’s name to search for the same.

In case you have forgotten the name of someone but know well that they are in your contact’s list, then you can browse related contacts through the first letter of the name. To do so, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Open the Contacts app directly from the Home screen.
  • Then, hit a particular letter available on the right-hand side section of your screen.
  • When you have successfully clicked on a specific letter, then you can automatically reach the contacts whose first and last name starts with the same letter based on your settings.

Steps to Share a Contact Over your iOS Device

Here are the steps to know how to share a contact over your iPhone and iPad:

  • Open the Contacts app on your device’s Home screen.
  • Then, press the particular contact you want to share.
  • Hit the Share Contact option there.
  • You will get several options to share your contact like AirDrop, Mail, Message, and other third-party apps. Hit the relevant one that suits your sharing choice. All of these are based on the app you are using on your device. Follow all the prompts displayed on your device.

Steps to Add Photos to your Contacts on iPad and iPhone

Below are the instructions to guide you on how to add Photos to your Contacts right on your iOS device:

  • First and foremost, open the Photos app on your device’s screen.
  • Then, hit the specific photo that you like to assign to your contact.
  • After that, hit the share tab situated at the lower-left edge of your screen.
  • Press the option Assign to Contact.
  • Click the contact to which you would like to assign your photo.
  • Now, drag and pinch the photo to scale and move the same as you wish.
  • Hit the option “Choose” located at the lower right edge of your display.
  • Press the Update option situated at the upper right-hand side section of your screen.
  • Your photo is successfully added to the contact you want.

Steps to Delete a Contact on your iPad or iPhone

Follow these offered steps to know how to remove a contact from the contact list on your iOS device:

  • Open the Contacts app on your device.
  • Then, tap on a contact you like to remove.
  • Hit the Edit option located at the upper right portion of your screen.
  • Scroll down the page to the bottom.
  • Hit the option Delete Contact.
  • Confirm by tapping the same option “Delete Contact” once more.

As you know know how to open and use the Contacts app over iOS devices, go ahead and open the Contacts app on the device’s screen. Do what you want, to manage your contact list, like adding a photo, editing the name or profile, email ID, transferring or sharing contacts using iCloud, or remove the desired one.

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