Is Rami Malek Going to Play Dr. No in the upcoming James Bond Movie?

Due to the global health crisis, the upcoming addition to the Bond franchise, No Time to Die, has been delayed further. The Daniel Craig starrer movie will make the fans even more excited for its much-anticipated release; since there is so much hype for the movie, there are many rumors too that are floating around social media. The most intriguing of them being about Rami Malek’s villainous character, Safin. The rumors have left fans wondering whether Safin is just a new version of Dr. No? Ever since Malek was made the villain, there have been too many speculations regarding his character in the upcoming movie. 

Whenever Rami Malek has been questioned about his new role, he makes sure that he keeps the details of his character’s identity a secret. His silence has fueled even more rumors that he is definitely playing a rebooted Dr. No. The iconic villain was the first one that James Bond ever battled. Sean Connery, who was playing James Bond in the 1962 film, was sent to look into the disappearance of an MI6 agent. However, he surprisingly came across a plot to ignite a war between USSR and the United States. It is later revealed that the Chinese-German nuclear scientist, Dr. No, who is a part of SPECTRE, is leading the mission.

James Bond successfully spoils Dr. No’s plans and triumphantly saves the damsel-in-distress. Although one can’t be sure, there are undoubtedly several clues that make it seem that Malek is going to play the iconic villain’s role. He refuses to clear any rumors regarding his role in the upcoming movie. Moreover, he even said that he researched Dr. No’s character to prepare for the role, which raises even more questions. 

Malek’s refusal to answer the question regarding the role is not the only clue that is fueling speculations that he is playing the iconic villain’s role. Dr. No had to use prosthetic hands because he was injured during nuclear experimentation. Since Safin is also covering his face due to some accident, it seems that both the characters have quite similar backgrounds.

Irrespective of whether Malek is playing the role of Dr. No or not, he seems like an ideal choice for playing the role of an intelligent and introverted character. With his Oscar-winning performance in Bohemian Rhapsody, he proved that he could also transform for his roles. Ultimately, the viewers are in for a treat since Rami Malek is a great character capable of giving tear-jerking performances. 

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